Fair Trade

SINDIBABA is committed to ensure that all individuals involved in our supply chains experience safe, fair and non-discriminatory working conditions.

Our needlewomen are recruited from the North-Eastern part of Shandong province, where this kind of handcraft has a long legacy and dates back several thousands of years, and recently also from Southern Jiangsu province.

The women usually choose to work at home, typically while the children are at school, or in a rural community building, where the environment is more sociable through the presence of other needlewomen and/or friends.

Image 1 (left) shows a group of women from a small village in Shandong province in the North-Eastern part of China sitting together and crocheting at their home. The raised platform is a traditional Chinese bed, that is not only used to sleep but also to sit together and socialize or performing sewing work. These kind of beds are still commonly in use today, particularly in the villages. It is heated from underneath by an embedded chimney system that runs through the foundation of the bed before it runs up the wall and exits through the roof. The coal-burning stove is right behind the window in the adjacent kitchen. Most needle women are farmers, who can conduct this kind of sewing work only after the harvest season in late fall and the winter and in mid-summer.

Image 2 (right): Due to the seasonal work schedule of our needle women and increasing demand for our crocheted products we laid foundation to a small manufacture in Jiangsu province, which is just a few hours South of Shandong. The women in this area are also very skilled in this kind of sewing work. Some women in the manufacture work full-time all year long and perform more complex tasks that usually cannot be done by the countrywomen. For example the insertion of the musical mechanism into our stuffed musical animals, the attachment of the wooden disks to our pram mobiles and pacifier clips and the steam ironing of our crocheted rugs all takes place here. For this a small truck drives through the villages to collect the crochet works from the countrywomen on a weekly schedule and delivers it here to the manufacture.


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Sindibaba is all about handcrafted toys and accessories for babies and children. Beautiful things crocheted, stitched or sewn by hand with a special touch of cuteness, warmth and comfort that will be the best friend for you and your children. Each of them is designed in France or Germany by Lynn Appel and created with love, best feelings and great attention to detail making each item virtually unique...absolutely positive!

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